Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Swipe SlideShow. Tutorial

With this script you can quickly make simple presentation from slides of any subject. The endless swipe system allow to moving the slides in any direction (left|right or up|down) without limits.


  • Infinity swiping to any direction. 
  • Easy swipe settings. 
  • Auto-resize in depends of display resolution. 
  • PC/android/ios/webplayer platforms 
  • Example demo scene included
  • Autosliding.
  • Image loading by one button.
  • Horizontal|Verical swipe mode.
  • No events back timer available.
  • Sound control

Video demostartion:
Last version: 1.3.1 

Instruction below.


  1. Getting this error when I try to build and run an Android Build

    Assets/SwipeSlideShow/Scripts/SwipeEffect.cs(479,33): error CS0103: The name `CalculateImageParking' does not exist in the current context

    What's going on. Thanks!

    1. This is the problem which I fixed in the next version, and it is have a "pending review" status. Need to wait, I think, less than a week.

      Faster way you can mail me and I send new version by mail.

  2. How can we add an audio file (sound) to each slide. Thanks

    1. Where is no simple way to do this(without scripting). At the moment script doesn't support use of audio files. It requires modification of the script.

      I can add this task to todo list and make special version, but it will take time, may be 3-5.

    2. hi we Have Buyed Your Asset Swipe SlideShow. today Project showing error "Assets/Swipe SlideShow/Scripts/Swipe Effect.cs(521,18): error CS0619: `UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventTrigger.delegates' is obsolete: `Please use triggers instead (UnityUpgradable) -> triggers' " I am Using Unity 5.53f1

  3. Is this script works with uGui?

  4. Hi, is this asset work with Vuforia and Unity ?
    I want to use the slide in an augmented reality app.
    Please let me know asap in order to buy the asset.
    Thanks and regards.

    1. Hi, this asset not tested with Vuforia at the moment and I think, that the asset need some modifications for work correctly with Vuforia.

    2. Hi, are there any chance that you test it (in Vuforia) and let me know? Because i need it only for an augmented reality app. Thanks !

  5. Hi Vadim,

    How to add this slideshow inside the prefab.


  6. Hi, I want to load my pictures from a url but when I click the load from url button nothing happens. It doesn't load the images on the folder. It seems that it only load images inside the asset folder. Can anyone help please? thanks